The Triumph of Scandalous Love

When Pope Francis visited the United States, addressing the crowds at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, he told the story of a child who asked him a question. “What did God do before God created the world?” the child wanted to know. The Pope admitted that this was a difficult question for him to answer. And then he said, “I told him what I’m saying now to you. Before creating the world, God loved, because God is love.” Today, as we celebrate Easter, I want to think of Easter as the triumph of God’s love. If any of us wanted to know what God’s love is like, the cross and the empty tomb tell us the story. I would like to reflect on Easter as the triumph of love. I am going to do this i

Seven Ways to Keep Holy Week Holy

This week is HOLY WEEK. It is the holiest of all weeks. I am suggesting 7 ways to keep it HOLY! 1) Read, Reflect, and Pray the daily scripture readings for each day. Today through Easter… do not miss a single day. You may find the readings at You may also find excellent daily reflections on These readings and reflection will keep us focused on Jesus instead of on ourselves and how we think the world should be. 2) Think of what happened to Jesus as Your Story. The events of Holy Week are not just about what happened to Jesus. Christ’s sufferings were actually ours, his pain was really ours and his cross could have been our destiny. Those for whom Holy Thurs

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