An Easter Reflection

Pardon me, for my Easter reflection is going to begin with Good Friday. After all, if there was no Good Friday, there would be no Easter Sunday. A parishioner was grappling with faith questions. She said, “Why did Jesus have to die? I understand that the Old Testament teaches us that the blood of animals was offered as sin offering. Could not God have saved us without the shedding of the further blood? Is our God a vengeful God who cannot be placated without an atoning sacrifice? These are very significant theological questions and there is a reason I am letting these questions dominate my Easter homily — because our answer to these Good Friday questions affects our understanding the resurre

The Death of Death: A Retelling of the Story of the Raising of Lazarus

I did not understand the commotion at home. I was barely five. I faintly remember people wrapping up abba in white linen and taking him away as the neighboring women wailed alongside my mother. I asked my brother Lazarus about it. He said that the elders had told him that dad was not coming home anymore. Lazarus was seven when dad passed away. Martha was nine. I was daddy’s little princess. I was his favorite and he told me that it was our little secret. We were not rich but he never denied me anything I asked. I just did not understand why dad would not return. Mother was so distraught at dad’s passing away that I spent most of next month with Martha. It was as if I had lost my father and m

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