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Everyone is Someone's HERO

I have never thought of myself as a hero... anyone's hero. I am keenly and painfully aware that I am an idealist. I have very high expectation of myself. My razor sharp focus on perfection is a burden I carry. Everyday, many times a day, I find me being let down by myself. I am not a pessimist and neither do I fail to notice the good in others. It is only me I have a problem with. No one else may notice it, but there is a struggle within. For this reason, I don't imagine me being a hero... for anyone. However, thanks to a gift I received, I have had a serendipitous realization!

This Christmas, I received a mug with the inscription, "You are my HERO, Fr. Satish." First, I was embarrassed. Then, I felt humbled. Finally, it led me to some realizations.

This precious inscribed mug has made me realize that everybody is someone's hero - a parent for a child, a teacher for a student, a doctor or a health care worker for a patient, a priest for a parishioner. Even an imprisoned prisoner might be a hero for another inmate.

The gift brought about yet another realization - that we have the responsibility to live lives that inspire faith, hope, and goodness in others. There is nothing more crushing for a child, a student, or a parishioner when their estimation of their 'hero' comes tumbling down. As the saying goes, "with great power come great responsiblity." When we do not live up to our calling as parents, teachers, priests, or any other vocation, it is not only ourselves that we disappoint. We also kill the hopes and inspiration of the persons for whom we might be heroes.

So, let us live life gently, lovingly, peacefully, kindly, humbly, generously, and courageously. Because, no matter how small we may feel or how often we may disappoint ourselves, we might be someone's hero. You are someone's hero. For that matter, everyone is someone's HERO.

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Nicki Gonzales
Nicki Gonzales
Jan 01, 2022

Somehow I stumbled upon your blog. God must’ve known that I needed to read this. Thank you so very much for writing about this.

Satish Joseph
Satish Joseph
Jan 01, 2022
Replying to

You are most welcome! My God continue to lead you in every way! Blessings...

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